Announcements / Notifications

Published on: 21-Jul-2021

The shortlisting was done with the following criteria:

1. Degree/ diploma results weightage 60%

2. Class 10 & 12 results weightage 40%

3. Additional 10% awarded to those with a Masters in Civil Engineering (for the Civil Engineer post) 

1. Junior Engineer Cut off 70%

Sl. NoNameCIDDOBNumber
1Laxmi Sharma1120400180421/12/9817767731
2Passang Waiba1030400212101/01/8917539413
3Kelzang Tshomo1110200467921/10/9677365211
4Sabina Tamang1121500568009/05/9517964966/77796632
5Ugyen Thinley1180600074210/05/9877838007
6Tenzin Norzang1150700102415/06/9817375698

2. Civil Engineer Cut off 78%

1Yeshey Tshokden1080800055819/07/95177441749
2Parshu Ram Rai1021100572815/08/8917440604
3Indra Man Limbu1121300596005/04/9517801764
4Chogyel Wangmo1191300151027/11/9317666935
5Chandra Lal Chhetri1021100086607/03/9217490409
6Ugyen Dorji1150800253209/07/99774944301
7Sonam Rinchen1200800138630/11/9877307704
8Sangay Choden1150900295427/10/9617959887

3. Lateral Transfer of Environment Officers will be reannounced. 

The interviews for the shortlisted candidates will be held on the 28th of July 2021. More details on the scheduling will follow at a later date.