Asian Development Bank Technical Assistance 9095 Regional Project Completion Workshop

Asian Development Bank Technical Assistance 9095 Regional Project Completion Workshop

The Water Resources Coordination Division conducted the Asian Development Bank Technical Assistance (ADB TA) 9095 regional project completion workshop from September 18-20, 2019 in Thimphu. The ADB TA 9095 is a regional project titled “Strengthening Integrated Water Resources Management in Mountainous River Basins – Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal”. This project was focused on realizing the provisions under the National Integrated Water Resources Management Plan of 2016 by focusing on the institutionalization of the River Basin Committee and Water Security Index system.

The workshop was attended by officials from the three countries mentioned above along with ADB experts and team leaders. Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and Forests and Chairperson of the National Environment Commission graced the workshop with his presence along with the Country Director of the ADB Resident Mission.

During the workshop, the Wangchhu Water Security Index (WWSI) system and the WWSI 2017 report were officially launched. The WWSI is an evaluation tool to assess the status of water resources and their related services in the Wangchhu Basin as per five Key Dimensions namely, KD 1: Rural drinking water supply, sanitation and hygiene; KD 2: Economic water supply for agriculture, industries and hydropower; KD 3: Urban water supply, sanitation and drainage; KD 4: Environmental water security; and KD 5: Disaster and climate change resilience. The WWSI 2017 report was produced using this system after data collection by the Dzongkhag and Thromde Level Coordination Committees and a number of line agencies. The WWSI system illustrates the water security in the country and can be used as a baseline for understanding the water scenario in the Wangchu Basin and identifying areas that require further assessments.

The workshop was divided into four sessions: 1. Strengthening of water resources institutions in the target river basins; 2. Enhancing the technical capacity of staff of water resources institutions in target river basins; 3. IWRM knowledge, good practices and dissemination; and 4. Workshop conclusion. Each of the session was chaired by one of the ADB experts or team leaders and presentation on each of the themes was presented by the respective countries. 

This workshop was aimed at showcasing the knowledge products of Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal produced during the course of the project and to exchange the best practices and lessons learned.  The National Environment Commission Secretariat will continue its efforts in maintaining the WWSI system and will aim at developing similar systems and frameworks in the rest of the river basins in order to promote integrated water resources management in the country. 

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