Celebrated International Day for Disaster Reduction with, Phuentsholing Thromde, Departments of Disaster Management,Geology and Mines and Engineering Services ’s interventions.

International Day for Disaster Reduction, held annually on 13th October, celebrates the way that people and communities around the world reduce their exposure to disasters and raise awareness about the risks that they face.

In Bhutan through the NAPA II Project, Department of Disaster Management is implementing a suite of activities, among others: raising awareness of the communities, preparing through development of disaster management and contingency plans, training disaster volunteers on Search and Rescue, and linking the Dzongkhags Emergency Operation Centers with the National Emergency Operation Center. All of these actions are anticipated to ensure that relief and rescue in an event of a disaster happen in a coordinated and effective way. Similarly, Department of Engineering Services is also raising awareness on safe and windstorm resilient roofing system in windstorm prone areas and training artisans on constructing safe houses.

Phuentsholing Thromde has used state of art soil nailing and bioengineering techniques to stabilize landslides in Rinchending and protect investments in Pasakha from recurrent floods. DGM has conducted risk assessments for four critical landslides along four north south national highways to guide future interventions there.

Experiences from around the world show early planned investments in disaster reduction pays off through reduced loss of lives, livelihood and assets.


International Day for Disaster Reduction