Procedures for obtaining Import Permit for HCFC-22/R22

  1. NECS announces for registration to avail the quota for import of HCFC 22/R-22 towards the mid of December every year. To avail the import permit, importer needs to be registered. The registration form Annex 1 needs to be filled up and email to
  2. Upon verification, annual quota is allotted to each importer. NECS informs importers of their allotted annual quota.
  3. Import Permit form Annex II needs to be filled to import HCFC 22/R22 and emailed to for approval. Only registered importers are eligible for importing HCFC-22/R-22. Import permits are provided per consignment.
  4. The import permit is email to the proponent within 1-2 working days with a copy to the Department of Revenue and Customs.

For any further queries related to permits or ozone, contact Rinchen Tshering, Ozone Project Officer, National Ozone Unit, NECS. Phone: 323384/324323/17794586

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