National Environment Protection Act of Bhutan 2007 Eng (.pdf 0.284mb) / Dzo (.pdf 0.558mb)

Environmental Assessment Act 2000 (.pdf 1.98mb)

The Water Act of Bhutan 2011 (.pdf 1.71mb)

Waste Prevention and Management Act of Bhutan 2009 (.pdf 0.196mb)

Regulation for Environmental Clearance of Projects 2016 (.pdf 1.81mb)

The Water Regulation of Bhutan 2014 (.pdf 1.42mb)

Waste Prevention and Management Regulation 2016 (.pdf )

The Water Regulation of Bhutan 2014 (.pdf 1.42mb)

Regulation on Control of Ozone Depleting Substances 2008 (.pdf )

Bhutan Drinking Water Quality Standard 2016 (.pdf 0.401mb)

Environmental Standards 2010 (.pdf 1.3mb)

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Application for Environmental Clearance Guideline for the Preparation of Industrial Project Reports (.pdf 0.078mb)

Guideline for Institutionalizing Paperless Operations in Government Offices 2016 (.pdf 1.8mb)

Guidelines for Vehicle Wash Facility, Bhutan (.pdf 0.634mb)

Guidelines for Import and Use of Ferrous Scrap Materials in Bhutan (.pdf )

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R22 Registration Form (.pdf 0.276mb)

R22 Import Form (.pdf 0.183mb)

Intern Form (.doc)

List of Activities that the Competent Authorities shall Screen and Issue Environmental Clearance and List of Activities not Requiring Environmental Clearance 2016 (.pdf 1.88mb)

Conversation in Bhutan 1994

General Information and Guidelines for Vehicle Wash Facility in Bhutan (.pdf 1.9mb)

Bhutan: The Road from Rio (.pdf 1.54mb)

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