Human Resource Services

  1. Staffing
    • Staff selection and recruitment in collaboration with RCSC.
    • Appointments and office orders.
    • Process transfers orders.
  2. Personnel
    • Maintain personnel files.
    • Maintain Shiyog system (staff database).
    • Responsible for all issues related to Position Classification.
    • Prepare Job Descriptions for new posts.
    • Maintain Leave records.
  3. Promotion
    • Prepare and process promotion for staff.
    • Maintain promotion records and files.
    • Attain promotion meetings and necessary follow-up.
  4. Human Resources Development
    • Participate in HRD Master Planning Process in collaboration with RCSC.
    • Prepare annual HRD plan and attend annual HRD annual review meetings.
    • Implement training as per approved HRD Plan.
    • Maintain training records and reports. 
    • Process training approvals with RCSC, MoFA and others.