Selection result for Asst.Environment Officer and Dry Sweeper.

The National Environment Commission Secretariat is pleased to announce the selection result for recruitment of Three(3) Asst.Environment Officers (P5B) and Dry sweeper on consolidated contract as specified below.

Asst.Environment Officers

1.Tshewang namgyay:CID NO:11502002889

2.Pema Lhamo,CID NO;10503001124

3.Sonam Yangkee Phurba, CID NO:10504001423

Dry Sweeper:

1.Pema Yangzom, CID No:12001001591

Selected candidates are requested to report to HR Section, NECS on 26/02/2020 at 10.30a.m for drug test. The candidate is requested to bring along Nu.300( charges for the drug test kit to be conducted).

The above selection interview result is announced as per the endorsement of 175th NEC HRC meeting convened on 20 Feb 2020

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