WUA Guidelines Sensitization Workshop

The Water Resources Coordination Division conducted the Sensitization Workshop on Water Users’ Association (WUA) Guidelines on 21 st August in Thimphu Dzongkhag, 27 th August in Haa Dzongkhag,
30 th August in Paro Dzongkhag and 2 nd September in Chukha Dzongkhag (including Dagana Dzongkhag participants), which are the Dzongkhags constituting the Wangchhu Basin. This workshop was conducted
as a part of the Asian Development Bank Technical Assistance 9095: Strengthening Integrated Water Resources Management in Mountainous Rivers Basins – Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal.
The participants in the workshop included the the Dasho Dzongdag, Dzongrab, Dzongkhag Sector Officers, Thrizin, Gups, and the Gewog Administration Officers of the aforementioned Dzongkhags.
During the workshop, the participants were provided with a background on WUA, including the definition, legal basis for its formation, its emergence in the country and core functions. The nine steps for WUA formation starting from mobilization to formation to registration, along with the relevant forms were presented.WUAs have existed in the form of traditional and customary practices and as part of projects and programs. However, the guidelines provide a uniform procedure for formation in order to allow for effective and sustainable functioning of the WUAs. The purpose of the guidelines is to promote local community ownership in allocation and management of the water resources and to ensure accountability.

WUA Sensitization Thimphu
WUA Sensitization Paro
WUA Sensitization Chukha
WUA Sensitization Haa
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