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7th Project Steering Committee meeting
Published on: 30-Jan-2023

The Department of Water (DoW), Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources conducted the 7th Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting for the project ‘Study on Minimum Environmental (E) Flow for Hydropower Projects in Bhutan – Phase II’ on January 25, 2023.  

The meeting was chaired by the Officiating Head of the DoW and the Head of the Austrian Coordination Office (ACO) and attended by the officials from the Ministry of Finance, ACO and DoW. During the meeting, the project progress in terms of development of the E-flow module and its units, completion of capacity building on the nine E-flow units, and finalization of  the integration plan for CST and CNR were presented. Update budget expenditure and forecast and the key challenges faced and way forward for the implementation of the project were also presented and discussed.