Who is who

Department of Environment and Climate Change
Office of Directorate Director General  
PA to Director Ganeral  None
Dispatcher -1  
Office of the special Advisor to NEC Special Advisor  
PA to Special Advisor  
Environment Specialsit Environment Specialsit  
Climate Change Division Chief Environment Officer None
Sr.Environment Officer -4 3 Sr.EOs are on EOL
Environment Officer-1  
Asst. Environment Officer-2  
Waste Management Division Chief Environment Officer  
Environment Officer-2 None
Asst. Environment Officer-3 None
Environment  Assessment and Compilance Division Chief Environment Officer-1  
Environment Officer - 6  3 on EoL & 1 Maternity leave 
Adm.Assistant- 2  1 on EoL
Environment Quality Standard Technician- 1  None