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Per Capita Water Availability/annum in 2016


Per capita waste generation per day in 2019


GHG Emission in 2015

3.81 MtCO2e

Forest Sink Capacity


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National Waste Information Management System

National Waste Information Management System

Clearing-House Mechanism

The Clearing-House Mechanism (CHM) is an information exchange platform that contributes to the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity by promoting and facilitating scientific and technical cooperation, knowledge sharing and information exchange.

Bhutan Biodiversity User List System

The objective of this Biodiversity User List system is to bring together all the available information on the country’s important biodiversity to raise awareness and to enhance service delivery by providing the regulating agencies a concerted list for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

Wangchhu Water Security Index System

The WWSI system is a tool used to assess the status of water security in the Wangchhu Basin through five key dimensions: Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation, Urban Water Security, Economic Water Security, Environmental Water Security, and Disaster and Climate Change Resilience. 

Climate Platform

Environment Information Management System is a software application that facilitates environment data acquisition and management; assists environmental and senior management in making faster and meaniningful interpretation and reporting of collected environmental information.

Environment Clearance System

ECS or Environment Clearance System is a simple web-based database system to keep record of project proposals that are submitted to National Environment Commission Secretariat for Environment Clearance