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Training workshop on E-flow unit IV: Sediment Transport
Published on: 26-Jul-2022

The Water Resources Coordination Division is conducting a training workshop on Unit IV Sediment Transport– from July 25-29, 2022 in Thimphu, as a part of the project titled ‘Study on Minimum Environmental (E) Flow for Hydropower Projects in Bhutan- Final Phase’. Of the nine units under the draft E-flow module, so far we have successfully completed Unit I, Unit II, Unit III and some portions of Unit V, VI and VIII.

 The above training workshop is aimed to enable the participants in understanding the integrated approach for management of rivers, the transport processes, interactions, calculation of sediments, including sediment management strategies and its limitations, and the fluvial systems and its evaluation in spatial and temporal interrelation. 

The workshop is being attended by officials from Department of Livestock, Department of Hydropower and Power Systems, Department of Engineering Services, Department of Forest and Park Services, Bhutan Electricity Authority, Druk Green Power Corporation Limited, Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environmental Research, College of Science and Technology, College of Natural Resources, Sherubtse College, and National Environment Commission Secretariat (NECS).

The project is coordinated and implemented by the NECS in collaboration with key stakeholders and is funded by the Austrian Development