Climate Change Division

The objective of Climate Change Division is to ensure low carbon and climate resilient society and economy by fulfilling the mandate to protect and promote a safe and healthy environment including negotiation and enforce bilateral and multilateral environmental agreements.
The Climate Change Division is responsible for the following function:
1. Coordinating actions for Commitment to remain Carbon Neutral Inventory of GHG and projection
2. Coordinating actions for adapting to impacts of climate change
3. Fulfillment of national and international reporting obligations under the Convention, Protocol, Amendment, and Agreement
4. Reporting to national, regional and other international forums and bodies on climate actions in Bhutan such as the Environment Committee of the Parliament, National Council, SAARC, and others
5. Raising awareness of climate change
6. Ensuring synergies for cross sectoral coordination
7. Ambient air quality monitoring

Institutional arrangements for climate change
National Climate Change Committee: The National Environment Commission (NEC) serves as the high-level National Climate Change Committee (NCCC). The NEC, in its functions as National Climate Change Committee (NCCC), will consider all policy and regulatory matters on climate change. NECS in supporting the NEC/NCCC shall also lead the preparation of policies, national strategies and plans on climate change such as Climate Change Policy, NDCs, NAPs, LEDS

Climate change coordination committee
Coordination Committee (C4) is the technical body to serve as a forum for discussion and coordination of matters related to climate change in Bhutan and makes recommendations for consideration by the NCCC/NEC. The C4 is comprised of high-level executive representation from stakeholder agencies and organizations and is chaired by the Secretary of NECS. The committee derives its mandate from the Executive Order of the Prime Minister of October 16, 2016.The C4 is supported in implementing its mandates and functions through the Climate Change Division of NECS. The C4 ensures an effective and coordinated implementation of actions on climate change